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As well as being a Fashion Designer, I have many years working in film & television as a Costume Designer and similar related roles.


Punch  Andy Edwards, Paranoid Android Films, Costume Designer, Feature

Decipher  Ida Thomasdittor, Cypherpunk Studio, Costume Designer, TV Series Episode 1 Where's The Harm (Pre-production)

Scavengers Hugo Cavalier, Myriad Films, Costume Designer, (Pre-production)


In My Day  Will Grave, Nineteen-Twenty Productions, Costume Designer, Short Film

Room 7   Nihat Seven, Blind Pictures, Costume Designer, Feature

War of the Gods  Emmanuel Fabiyi, Fabo Films, Costume Designer, Short Film


Farewell  Nihat Seven, Blind Pictures, Costume Designer, Short Film


Peresphone  Victor De Almeida, Phoenix Films UK, Costume Designer, Short FIlm


Coxwell & Gerrard  Stephen Lategan, Lategan Media, Short Film


imdb page:


Costume CV



Early in the design process creation of moodboards are essential to create a look and feel for the costume direction of the film, and helps co-ordiante with other departments such as make-up and art.




Cozy Cape CDK Group
Designed an multi-function outerwear cape for the disabled for cold and extreme weather in wheelchairs. With their limited mobility, it is more difficult to generate body heat in a stationary position In extreme cold conditions the Cozy Cape can provide up to 100% body coverage.



John& Jane Jumper Skydive Burnaby
Designed a modern, sleek skydive suit for both male and females, developed with a Coolmax and reflective high tech fabric hybrids to enable a smoother, faster free fall rate with less drag/flapping.


Cadbury Couture Collection Cadbury Schweppes

Commissioned to design Gaelic-inspired pieces made with over 60% Cadbury chocolate to assist in their new branding launch across Eurpoe and North America.



Farasport Suit Farabloc
Developed male and female prototype sportswear for Farabloc Corporation. Featuring an electromagnetic shielding fabric, containing fine stainless steel fibres and nylon, with a significant shielding effect on high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF). Assists in the releif or arthritis and rheumatism, enabling the wearer to perform full excercises.





I have written, co-filmed and produced these short films which correspond with my women's ready-to-wear collections shown at London and Paris Fashion Week as stated below:


'Trial of Katherina Herzteldorfer'

The fortified town's female witnesses are called for testimony to the court while the musicians play and the judges ponder.




Our obsession with police chases & car crashes begins with crash test sequences, than brought to life via carjacking by a mad woman contrasted by classical to trance music.



'Homo Volans (Flying Man)'

A dying WW2 vetran summons his grandchild then disappears into a tunnel and never seen again. Edgar grows up preplexed to suddenly re-live his grandfathers paratrooper experiences on the Underground as he is projected out of the tunnel.



'2 Innocent Men'

Two men are captured in an interpretation of 'Mad Max meets Helmut Newton' and held hostage by fashionable female bandits. The sprirtual cellist opens the film as a bleak omen.







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